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Our Story

In light of the global developments and technological revolution with Web3, Blockchain, NFTs, DLT, DeFi etc. superior technological infrastructure is becoming fundamental for the next phase of growth. This has in turn unlocked a new golden age driven by RWA Tokenization in blockchain and traditional finance.  A group of international stakeholders in the web3 ecosystem have joined hands in the establishment of a collective which will support full realization of the full potential of real-world asset tokenization.

The Real-World Asset Tokenization Global Collective is an independent platform for communities, organizations and entities in various sectors and ecosystems such as: commodities, fine art, real estate, financial instruments, such as stocks and bonds; web3- blockchain. Further, the collective will leverage RWA tokenization related activities of corporations, startups, Venture capitalists, innovation hubs, regulators, business advisories and research institutes.

Founding members

Zahid Mir

CEO, Vostad

Edwin Navarro

CEO, Brickken

Claus Skaaning

CEO, Digishares

Anndy Lian

Inter-Governmental Blockchain Advisor

Thomas Tallis


Jérôme Sonnet

Founder & CEO at Azel Labs

Pushkar Vohra

CEO, Aconomy

Hakan Sezikli

CMO, BG Trade

Daniel Coheur

Co-Founder & CCO, Tokeny

Core objectives

  • Serve as an industry body, to aggregate, coordinate and facilitate RWA tokenization opportunities, activities, investments and knowledge dissemination

  • Act as a bridge between key stakeholders to enhance competitiveness and key capabilities for onchain finance

  • To collect, share and develop necessary information, research, reports to eliminate obstacles for individuals and entities associated with the collective

  • Engage in developing a repository of RWA Tokenization opportunities, across investments, technology innovations in global markets

Our Approach

  • Facilitate semi-autonomous working groups for Web3-blockchain, on-chain finance, RWA tokenization-related communities and organizations

  • Regular meetings, events, and deliberations with key industry leaders, decision-makers, and representatives of the governments in relation to the international RWA tokenization market

  • Providing and aggregating inputs and intelligence for sustained progress and growth of the RWA sector

  • Developing scientific studies, and analytical reports in collaboration with technology stakeholders, think tanks, innovators, and corporations

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