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RWATA - Real World Asset Tokenization Association

Serve as an industry body, to aggregate, coordinate and facilitate RWA tokenization opportunities, activities, investments and knowledge dissemination.

Core Objectives

Empowering Web3 RWA Growth: Facilitating, Connecting, Advancing for Future Success.


The Real-World Asset Tokenization Association is an independent platform for communities, organizations and entities in various sectors and ecosystems


Uniting sectors, leveraging RWA tokenization for corporations, startups, regulators, and research.

The Real-World Asset Tokenization Global Collective is an independent platform for communities, organizations, and entities in various sectors and ecosystems such as commodities, fine art, real estate, financial instruments, such as stocks and bonds; web3- blockchain. Further, the collective will leverage RWA tokenization-related activities of corporations, startups, Venture capitalists, innovation hubs, regulators, business advisories, and research institutes.

The Story of RWATA

Energy sector tokenization streamlines finance and sustainability tracking. It democratizes renewable energy investment, boosts liquidity, and ensures unique, tradable carbon offset certificates on blockchain.

Energy & Utilities

Industrial tokenization tracks product lifecycles, records origin, optimizing inventory and recall response. It fosters supply chain transparency and aids circular economy initiatives.


Countless tokenization uses in Financial Services include investing in tokenized assets, custody, advisory. Blockchain-based payment methods, like stablecoins, seem most disruptive.


Real estate tokenization revolutionizes property trading, dividing ownership into shares for immediate buying and selling, democratizing investment access and property trade.

Real Estate

Tokenization enables secure citizen identities, streamlining access to government services. It ensures asset transparency, benefits distribution, and bolsters voting integrity.

Public Sector

Featured Industries



Facilitate RWA Tokenization

Bridge for On-Chain Finance

Eliminate Obstacles, Share Knowledge

Global RWA Tokenization Hub


Convene Key Players

Create Collaborative Insights

Fuel Progress with Intelligence

Empower Web3 Finance Groups

Working Groups

Specialized groups in blockchain and finance drive asset tokenization, addressing regulation, investment, scalability, industry adoption, innovation, and security. Drawing diverse expertise, they form rules, explore green assets, enhance scalability, and innovate in DeFi, aiming for a compliant, accessible, transformative asset ecosystem in traditional finance.

It’s all about team work!

Some of the key working groups of RWATA

Onchain Financial Markets Regulations Working Group

Tokenized Assets Investors Opportunity Working Group

Tokenization of Financial Markets Working Group

Tokenized Assets Scalability & Industry Adoption Working Group

Stablecoins, RWAs, DeFi Working Group​

Critical Innovation for Tokenization Working Group

Tokenized Environmental Assets Working Group

Tokenization of Securities Working Group

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